A good early season option, recently restocked with Brown and Rainbow trout.

The best part about Four Springs lake is all fishing methods are productive, and it doesn’t matter whether you are in a boat or walking the shore.

For the soft plastic angler, the ever popular Berkley Black and Gold T-Tail, Keitech Easy Shiner and Shad Impact in either the Gold Flash, Ayu or the Shrimp Oil. The most effective way to fish these lures is slow and deep early on in the season.

For the hardbody angler, the Hawk Sniper range of lures in the Killer Wasp and Black Widow colour.
Jaz Minofish in the Brown Trout and Black/Gold also work well. Staff favourite – The Lucky Craft Flash Minnow in Moss Green.

For the anglers who like trolling, Tillins Cobras and Tassie Devils work well, drop in store and have a look at the new expanded range, including the new range of custom colours.

If you enjoy sitting back and relaxing whilst fishing, Grubs and Worms are both effective, as well as Powerbait in the Chunky Cheese and Rainbow colour. We are now also stocking live Worms and freeze dried Mudeyes.


With most rivers flooding Brumbys Creek flow can make it easier to fish then some of the others. All methods of fishing work well out here. For the soft plastic and lure fisherman, fishing under the weir can produce some amazing fish, with shallow diving lures working the best. A perfectly placed soft plastic lured cast under the weir and worked
back through the fast water can be deadly.

Ashley Spinners in the 2” and 1.5” cast across the the fast water and retrieved back can also be very effective.

And for the bait anglers, Worms fished in the quiet back waters will account for many fish.


For the lake angler, Woods lake. Every season produces quality fish early on, with all fishing methods proving productive.

Drifting with hard bodies and soft plastics as well as Ashley spinners can produce good bags of quality Brown Trout.

Bait fishing the flooded margins with worms and grubs also a proven method.

Also trolling with Tillins Cobras and Tassie Devils can be a relaxing way to take home a feed.


Need fishing gear? We have a huge range – drop into the store to have a look!

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